Chinese lion dance provides people with blessing and prosperity while guarding against misfortune and dispelling evil spirits. Often linked to the Chinese New Year, the lion dance may be seen on other occasions such as grand-openings, weddings, birthdays, and festivals. Though based on martial arts, lion dance has become an art of its own, and many troupes are not associated with kung fu schools.

The JHU Yong Han Lion Dance Troupe was founded in 2003 by a group of students who wanted to learn more about the culture and performance of Lion Dance.  Since then, we have been performing all over the east coast, from NYC to Washington D.C.  With chances to perform at a wide range of events, from weddings to parades to cultural events, the troupe offers a lot of opportunity to travel and explore the local and regional area.  To join the troupe, we require no experience, only that you come with an interest in learning and desire to work hard.  If you have any interest in exploring the Chinese culture behind Lion Dance or just want to get some good exercise in and have fun, then definitely stop by our practices and introduce yourself.


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